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savoring the ordinary


Behind every computer, there’s a story!

Welcome to iSissies!  WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY!

When you see the pictures and read our blog posts, we not only want to share with you what we see and where the picture took us in our thinking, we want to hear about you. You may not have time to post a picture or to write something creative…that’s what we do!  The goal is to get you thinking… get you looking… get you sharing.

We want to encourage you to see the beauty and relativity in the everyday things around you. Let those things remind you of a place, a person, a story, a memory, a hope, or unfulfilled wish.

Share your thoughts!    Use your phone, tablet or computer.  Post a picture, comment on the blog, join us of Facebook or connect on Pinterest.  No matter where you want to jump on, you are an important part of the iSissy community.

Click the “Picture This calendar” link if you would like to preview upcoming topics.  Enjoy the daily blogs and join iSissies in savoring the ordinary.

Check out the Calendar

The calendar has a word each day to give you something to look for, think about, talk about, dream about…

What can you do?

Comment on the blog. You do that by reading the blog, giving a comment here or there on the ones that inspire you. You are sure to find a picture and a story that will truly prompt you to feel something you want to share!   And sometimes, as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words – you can also add an image to your comment if you would like.

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