Many reasons to give to Sister India.
…I want to give a sister in India a place in class
…I want to help a sister in India learn to read and write
…It will change a sister in India’s life
…I want a sister in India to know I care
…I want to save a sister in India and her daughters from child and temple prostitution
…I want a sister in India to know she is important
…I want a sister in India to have hope
…I want to help end child marriage
…I want to give to a sister in India, because I have been given so much
…I believe a sister in India’s future will be brighter through education
…I’m so grateful for the freedom and opportunities I enjoy in America

Your one-time donation of $25 will support one student for one year. How many students can you sponsor?

Donations are currently being matched.

Learn more….join us….make a difference. We thank you and our sisters in India thank you.

Bonnie ~ Kathy ~ Karen