The 2016 Summer Olympics kick off tonight with an opening ceremony.   With all the hoop-la surrounding this extravaganza we thought it would be fun to throw in a few fun facts.

Did you know that Brazil’s opening ceremony would be mindful of the following?

Budge minded: rio venue

Brazil’s opening ceremony will be considerably less expensive than those in the past. Weighing in at about $55 million, that figure reflects a huge budge cut from the original $113 million. The intention is to present something with heart and concept without spending money that the country simply doesn’t have.

  • Cost saving through very little fabric used for costuming:samba-a-globalized-symbol-of-brazilian-culture-1-638

Samba, Carnival and exotic women-all will be front and center tonight as Brazil prepares to offer us “the sexiest opening ceremony in history.” There is much pride in their declaration that the dances will be nearly naked, with                         costumes designed to show off as much flesh as possible.

Environmental focus:Amazon_rainforest

Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest. Speaking of Amazon as being the last garden in the world, Olympic officials hope to send a message that we need to protect that garden.

Let’s chat later and see if Brazil achieved their goals of minding the budget, show casing the Amazon and showing as much flesh as possible……