saturday post something i ate

Ok, sissies share things that they wouldn’t share with just anybody, right?  The reason we do that is because sissies don’t judge-in fact, sissies usually say, “girlfriend, I’ve done the same thing.”  So, sissies of the heart, climb into the trusting tree with me, because I have something to confess:  I should not be allowed to order off a menu!

Here’s the story-I took a young friend shoe shopping-she is headed to Italy to serve a mission for our church, and I (who have had 5 foot surgeries) suggested that she needs a really, really good pair of shoes-my gift to her-with a budget.  Well, as you all know, there are lots and lots of shoes out there.  The choice was not going to be easy.  There are two theories on shopping for most anything-buy well or buy often.  No right or wrong-just two different philosophies on purchasing.  My friend and I discussed that theory and decided it was between a pair of Italian leather shoes (I know! Italian leather!!) OR two pair of lesser value/quality.

We were so weary from the overload of choices, I suggested that we run over to the nearby Applebee’s and grab a bite of lunch.  We all think better when we are hydrated and satiated.  Looking over the menu, I suggested that we “keep it light” and just order the sampler platter.  It was yummy, and we chatted as we shared delightfully tasty wings, artichoke dip, chips and some mozzarella sticks-dipping away in the dips/sauces that came with the platter.  It worked!  We made a decision-we went back and bought the Italian leather shoes!

I dropped her off, hugs around, and I felt really good about the time we had shared.  I have Meneire’s Disease and was bummed that I started feeling a little dizzy along in the afternoon-sodium triggers episodes, so I started reviewing my intake for the day.  Apple pie smoothie for breakfast, just snacking for the break with my friend, and a small bowl of homemade split pea soup with turkey ham.  No real culprit jumped out at me.

Decided I would Google the Sampler Platter and see if there was sodium lurking there.  Stumbled onto a site called something like “the top 10 worst appetizers.”  Just for fun while I was poking around I decided to check it out before I pulled up Applebee’s menu with nutrition details.  Well, well, well. Didn’t have to look any further for those details-here it was on the list-no, not just ON the list-Applebee’s Appetizer Sampler TOPPED THE LIST-NUMBERO UNO.

1: Worst Sampler:  Applebee’s Appetizer Sampler

2,590 calories
173 g fat (54 g saturated)
6,830 mg sodium

The sodium wasn’t “lurking” anywhere-it was literally shouting-“there is enough sodium in this appetizer platter to equal 3 days worth.”  AND THE FAT-while it doesn’t trigger anything related to Meneire’s, it nearly gave me a heart attack just hearing how much fat I had consumed in my “snack.”  Oh, it is worse-I order a mango lemonade to wash it down.  I can’t bring myself to look up how many carbs I consumed in straight sugar.

The take away from all this:  what you don’t know, might hurt you!


One of Kathy’s favorite books about getting control of her eating.