A morning of magic.

It was actually cold and I had removed “going to the beach at sunrise”  from my day’s list of activities. I was standing in the kitchen fixing breakfast for my husband to get him out the door to work and I can see just a glimpse of the sky between some trees and the apartment building next door. It was scarlet red. I said, “I’ve gotta’ go!”. I ran out the door… still in my pajamas and housecoat!  I had been there 5 minutes when my dear husband came walking to the beach with a cup of coffee for me. A neighbor who comes down often to take a picture arrived at the end of the show and never even acted like he noticed that I was in my housecoat… the sky was what was demanding all of the attention.

I also have a video of this morning. I’ll get it cleaned up a bit and posted sometime soon.