Those that can, do.  Those that can do more, volunteer.  Love that little saying.  I haven’t earned an income for some time, which is a blessing and allows me to carve out some time to volunteer for the National Kidney Foundation.  Heretofore, to be referred to as NKF. : ) When my husband was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, it turned our world upside down.  5 years later, when he was told he needed a transplant our world started spinning.  That is until 10 people stepped forward, offering their kidney-you just need one.  Our son was the best match, and after the successful transplant, our world became an oasis of gratitude, heightened spirituality and the desire to be the best we can be.

Thursday was World Kidney Day, and I had the privilege to be a part of a screening in Minneapolis.  Our screenings usually identify about 25% of the participants as having Chronic Kidney Failure-most in stage 3.  I am so gratified by the outpouring of support in this screenings-all the nurses, docs and general help are volunteers.  Our culture is mostly driven by time and productivity, so to be surrounded by dozens of people giving so freely of time, that precious commodity, is uplifting and gratifying.  Grateful that our work helps people get a diagnosis-get help-improve their quality of life.