They are on their way!  We have to scurryfrunge, right now!!

They are on their way! We have to scurryfunge, right now!!

Words – how I love them.  This week we have loved sharing names of ordinary things that we usually didn’t know what to call them.  And, for today’s post, we introduce a word from the NE of the United States:  scurryfunge.

Scurryfunge means to run around the house cleaning up, tidying up because company is on their way.  OR you see someone coming up your walk and you have 2 minutes to get the laundry off the living room sofa:  scurryfunge.  Or the worst, a surprise visitor, and your only alert is the knock at the door.

Years ago I was scurrying about to be ready for a meeting that was being held in my home, and I still had dishes in the kitchen sink.  Thinking I was clever, I quickly threw the dirty dishes in the oven and gave the sink a quick scrub.  I was mortified when one of the guests arrived with a plate of nachos that just needed to be reheated a bit for the group to enjoy.  BUSTED!

So be careful when you scurryfunge. You might wind up embarrassing yourself more than if you just left the mess.

Do you have any hints on how you scurryfunge?  Socks under the couch cushions – greet them on the front porch and offer them a sweater?  Let us know how you do it…