sleep_girlSleep deprivation in America is being called an epidemic. We know how to run, run, run and go, go, go; but somehow we don’t know how to lie down and fall asleep. As iSissies we sometimes struggle, because GOSH! if I’m sleeping, won’t I be missing out on something productive I could be doing? We even have a saying about certain things that are no longer “noble” and not sleeping has been added to the list that is no longer noble.  The truth is that sleep is a gift from God. Rest means healing and that is very, very important.

So once you’ve made the decision “I’m going to bed!” what if you can’t go to sleep or stay asleep. That can happen for a variety of reasons. Here’s our advice for resetting your sleep button to get a good night’s sleep.



Our quote!  “Sleep deprivation is when you wake up thinking about when you can go to sleep again!”

iSissies, have you ever thought that?  What are your challenges in going to bed, in sleeping well?