How would your life be different if.. You walked away from gossip?

How would your life be different if…you walked away from gossip?

Dr Steve Maraboli, a behavioral scientist, goes on to say:  “Let today be the day….You speak only the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same.”

When I was fourteen, our mother challenged me when I was relating a story to her. She suggested I was out of line to repeat it.  I protested, “BUT it is true.” She taught me that day that gossip is about being unkind, being hurtful in what we say-that gossip wasn’t always about spreading an untruth or spreading a lie.”  She said trying to pull back and retract something I had said was like flinging a feather pillow (or pilla, in her endearing southern drawl) into the wind and then try to go fetch all those feathers that had been flung to far places, hidden places, hurtful places.

I’ve tried to live by that lesson from long ago but fall short.  I don’t want to use our iSissies blog as a place to extol the virtues of the Smith Girls; but I have to say, Karen, iSissy 3, is a marvel when it comes to not gossiping and carrying tales.

This is iSissy3, Karen. She is a great example to her sissies when it comes to gossip-she doesn't like, doesn't do it and isn't afraid to call her sissies out when we are doing it.

This is iSissy3, Karen. She is a great example to her Sissies when it comes to gossip. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t do it and isn’t afraid to call her sissies out when we are doing it.

Psychologist help us understand that at the root of gossip are feelings of insecurity and an inflated sense of self.  Besmirching someone allows us to feel smug and superior about our own life. In a culture crazy for information, gossip becomes something to barter for attention. It gives us gratification to have the attention for a moment.

When we make it a spiritual matter, gossip can erode our confidence that we are daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who desires that we love and serve as sisters.  We are admonished to “bridle the tongue” and I suspect that the intention in that admonition was to stop gossip.

I’m glad I have iSissy3 to rein me in – and I want to be twirling in the mountains in Austria one day proclaiming that I don’t care about stupid gossip.