Human Trafficking has become a complex and prevalent problem in ALL corners of the world. And while the sex trade is the bulk of destinations, many people aren’t aware that humans are being sold to work in fields, private homes and beauty salons. How can this be?

human-trafficking-headerOne of my biggest frustrations is that this would NOT exist if it wasn’t for the end user, the consumer of services/products. You can somehow see how those people who are these purveyors of human flesh are driven by greed and the promise of money, what motivates a man or woman to be so morally and spiritually corrupt that they can actually partake of a transaction where a human is being forced to participate? The scary thing is that this problem is growing. It seems as our digital footprint expands and our technology reaches higher levels of achievement, our respect for humanity continues to diminish.

I’ll be attending a Symposium hosted by Congressman Bill Posey¬†this morning that will be talking about this subject. I’ll share what I find out. In the meantime, never stand silent if you suspect a human trafficking situation. Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.1 (888) 373-7888.