GraceGrace and mercy are elements of God’s unconditional love.  Knowing the difference between grace and mercy will enrich your life.  You can use this every day.

GRACE is giving to someone something that they do not deserve.  Grace is extending kindness to the undeserving.  This “something” can be a quick smile, a kind word, a positive attitude, an “I’m sorry that has not worked out as you had hoped.”

MERCY is not giving someone something that they do deserve.  This “something” can be a furrowed brow, a rebuke, a seemingly well-deserved “I told you so”.

There is a beautiful difference here.  Take this to heart and use it wisely.  It will give you greater joy than the alternative.

Enjoy this personal message from our first Guest Blogger …

Guest Blogger Dana Smith

The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. (Proverbs 14:1 NASB)

The Lord gave me an insight when I read this verse that I hope blesses someone else as it did me. Our recent house-building process is fresh in my mind. It took over a year of planning, preparing, thinking, deciding what’s best, considering every detail. Our builders put in months of hard work and labor. In the end, a beautiful home resulted. However, if we choose to tear it down, a crew with a few pieces of equipment could reduce it to a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes.

This is true of our families as well. We have the power, through Jesus, to build up and grow happy, healthy and loved families. But, with our critical and negative attitudes and selfishness we can so easily tear down our children and husbands.

Such a convicting thought! Praise God for His grace and mercy to overcome my shortcomings.