So many times I share a sunrise… it occurred to me day before yesterday that there is another VERY important part of the day…dawn. It is also a very magical time. It’s where there is still enough darkness to make you very aware of the night that is drifting away. It’s a time at the beach where my sense of awareness is raised because of the shadows that refuse to reveal themselves and even sound seems to be dulled. It’s hard to capture dawn… because when you capture enough light to make a “picture” you are already on the cusp of a sunrise!

Reflecting (thinking) at dawn is different than at sunrise. At Dawn, there is still enough dark around the edges that rather than thinking about the day filled with anticipation, you can feel a twinge of apprehension (is it fear?). The sunrise seems to just overwhelm the senses with possibilities, while the dawn seems to offer those same possibilities, but doesn’t have the light to chase away the shrouds of uncertainty. It’s important to stick around for the Sunrise…


Sunrise that followed: