Story of a log

This piece of gnarled tree has been traveling down the beach for weeks. No one is aware of it’s origin… it had washed ashore about 5 miles north of our beach. You are seeing only about 1/3 to 1/2 of it. It is big, and it is VERY heavy. It’s the root system of some type of tree (nobody has agreed on what kind of tree it is.) There’s actually 4-5 “tree trunks” that protrude up the top.

Like I said, it came ashore 5 miles north and everybody said it would stand straight up in the surf and rock back and forth. It would be on that part of the beach maybe a day and then get washed out to sea, only to come back in maybe a half-mile down the beach. People started coming down to see how much traveling it had done for a day and some people have carved their initials in it or the date. This has been going on for quite a while.

It then got to our section of beach. For some reason, it has decided to stay One day, 4 guys decided they might just try to “carry” it off the beach. They couldn’t budge it. So, started becoming buried. It’s becoming a part of our beach. I’m wondering if someone is going to name it. I wish it could tell me it’s story… or maybe that is just what it’s doing.