Nothing ever really stays the same…not even concrete

That is true, isn’t it? Sometimes we say, “That’s in stone” like once it’s in stone, it’s not going to change. If you’ve been to Italy, even the granite sculptures eventually shows signs of wear and weathered change. Life changes things.

The sunrise from this week literally changed second-by-second. A great reminder to make sure we look at life for that immediate moment… because it is all going to be different pretty soon. That goes for when something bad is happening OR when something good is happening. When it is bad, remember it is going to be gone in a second. When it is good, remember it is going to be gone in a second.

The changes you see in this sunrise happened in 7 minutes. I almost posted the entire series of photos for that morning. Maybe I’ll get that done later this weekend.

Scroll through… there are 4 pictures.