What do imagine when you think of angels?


My first impression of angels came from a calendar in my paternal grandmother’s home. Our home, and most of the homes I saw, had tar paper on the walls. The idea of “art” on the wall would seem the epitome of folly. But, when my grandmother married the widower Holland, she moved into a house that stood in stark contrast to what I had known. Wallpaper, not tar paper, covered the walls and there in the living room-yes, the house was clearly sectioned off into rooms-hung year after year a beautiful picture she had saved from a calendar-most likely a Christmas gift from the local funeral home. I thought it was so beautiful.

When I was decorating a guest bedroom years ago, I went online to find a copy of the precious picture I had loved as a little girl. It hangs in my home as a reminder of the peace it gave me then. I, also, love it because it created in me a desire to make my home as lovely as possible with what ever I had.

The first "art" I saw on a wall as a child.

The first “art” I saw on a wall as a child.