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When did it happen that my life-and I mean my LIFE-became encapsulated in a hand-held device called a “smart phone.”

Yes, I have an iPhone-that is my primary source of contact with my “iSissies.”  And where I keep my recipes, my contact info, notes for an upcoming presentation, photos, scrabble, ideas for future decorating, etc etc.  I was texting someone Monday night and my screen went black.  I will not bore you with the gory details, but several $$ and several hours later, the gentleman at the Apple store suggested last rites for my no longer quite so smarty pants phone-it was dead.  Dead-as in rusted in the workings of it dead.

How did this happen?  I have not been near an ocean-lake-toilet-sink where I dropped my phone.  But, I am a hydrator from the word go-I always have a water bottle-and, yes, sometimes it sweats-maybe even leaks a bit in my purse.  No biggy-right?

Apparently, constant moisture is as bad for my smarty pants phone as a deluge of water-it just takes longer.

I lost some info. iCloud was full to the brim so the last few weeks didn’t make it to the big storage place in the sky.  Am I upset-maybe, a little.  But mostly I am grateful on this TBT to have a new iPhone that doesn’t have a string attached and makes a dinging sound when I pull it.  I have smart phone that will be much smarter when I take the time to re enter some valuable info.

Do you rely on your phone for more than just a phone call?  please don’t tell me I’m the only one who is in deep with the technology that encapsulates my life…..