A real original toaster and coffee pot

A real original toaster and coffee pot

Move over Mr. Coffee!!

Remember a toaster that didn’t have a lever and it automatically “popped up”? Every time I talk about that I am reminded of Lucy Ricardo in an I Love Lucy episode where she was catching the toast as it was “launched” out of the toaster. Fortunately, ours doesn’t do that. It just politely takes the toast, goes down, makes it all golden brown and quietly presents it back to me out the top.

And believe it or not, this coffee pot makes the best pot of java you can imagine.  It just percolates freshly ground coffee beans into a cup of happiness.

Both of these appliances belonged to my husband’s parents. I understand the toaster is from the 1940’s! I absolutely love having these precious appliances in my kitchen to admire and use everyday!

YOUR TURN: How old is your toaster?