Remember when Paul Harvey’s rich baritone voice would move along in his broadcast by saying , “page two?”  It was an indication that he was about to switch topics.  I feel like I am turning a page, a very long page that took 26 years to read.  I love our attempts to contain our lives in the metaphors of a book with the references to pages and chapters.


This move for me is more than a change of address. This move is truly the next page/the next chapter.  It is one level living intended to take me into old age. Some would suggest that I am there.  We will have no yard work – one of my “go to” stress relievers. Our yard just got too big, too much.  I donated boxes and boxes of books that I had read and loved.  Keeping them for all these years seems silly now that I am paying by the pound to move them. My past life as a florist compelled me to keep my work room ready and waiting for the next opportunity to tape and wire.  Someone at the garage sale will be delighted to find gobs of wire, yards of floral tape and enough ribbon to bedeck any hall.  I’m moving the big roaster – I can’t imagine not preparing a 20# turkey for Thanksgiving, but I know that day looms large when that will not be the case.

The thing I love about the literature analogy is that in a good book, you can’t wait to read the next page/the next chapter.  That’s how I feel. As much as I enjoyed every page so far, it is time to move on and enjoy the next chapter.  I can’t wait to see what exciting things will unfold, what new characters will be introduced, what scenic vistas will appear on the horizon. I’m ready. Let’s turn the page.

iSissies, YOUR TURN

Have you “turned the page” and started a new chapter in your life in the past…or recently?