believes in the miracle of technology and strives to use technology to promote connectivity and to promote the bond of sisterhood. ┬áMy smart phone is really, really smart; but my brain is kind of getting dumber. The Huffington Post recently cited a number of things we simply have forgotten how to do because of our reliance on technology – things that we did routinely in the past. So, today’s TBT is a nod to all those things we did in the past….


1. Phone numbers
So obvious, right? I have actually been asked for my spouse’s contact info and needed to look it up on my phone. Embarrassing, but true. I love this throwback to the little address books that got yellowed and marred from use.

2. Birthdays
Love the apps that alert me to upcoming birthdays, and promise myself all the time that I will send a card in addition to the brief FB birthday greeting. Next year. I will do a better job next year. There is a certain grace associated with a love handwritten notes on birthdays.

blog birthday card

3. How to write a check
Paper checks are becoming obsolete. The younger generation just might not ever need to learn how to write “and zero cents.” Our mother still needs to “go to the bank.” Online payments, Apple Pay, Paypal and on-line banking get us there in a click. I don’t carry checks anymore….by the way, where are my checks???

blog check

4. Cursive
Have you taken a really good look at your penmanship lately? Mine is getting mighty close to illegible scrawlings of an old person. Some of that probably is the process of aging, but I fear it is mostly lack of practice that creates all those scribbles. Cursive is no longer being taught in school. It will be “hieroglyphics of the past.”
blog cursive

5. Waiting
Outside an airport, the folks waiting for their ride are not anxiously peering down the pick-up lane to see if their ride is coming. Everyone is on their phones – maybe to not look alone, maybe checking texts of the incoming ride announcing the ETA down to the minute. I find myself pulling my phone out if I have a moment or two wait time. I have forgotten how to wait. I kind of miss those old, dated Reader’s Digest copies that were piled high in offices everywhere.

blog waiting on phone

Okay, I have bared my soul here admitting that I have allowed technology to let my brain atrophy when it comes to phone numbers, birthdays, checks, writing and waiting. How about you? Do you think your phone is now smarter than you these days?