As sisters, we have always tried to stay connected with each other, our two brothers and our extended family.  Next week we are taking a trip of a lifetime – not to Paris – not to Greece or Rome, but to Walnut Ridge, Arkansas – the place where all 5 of us were born.  Accompanying us on this road trip will be our 87-year-old mother.  Talk about staying connected…



I have been thinking about all the things that are in place for this to be possible:

1.    We love each other and our mother.

2.    We work through issues – sometimes it is messy and not by the books but we get there.

3.    We enjoy any time that we have together.

4.    Family is important – going back to our roots together means a lot to us.

5.  We try hard to assume the best intentions of each other – which helps us overlook each other’s faults.

We didn’t take family vacations growing up – there was no money.  So here we are in our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s heading out on a family vacation that surely would make a great documentary.

Where were you born?  Have you ever re-visited your roots!???