I almost slept in this morning. It’s Monday. I need to get the hubby’s breakfast fixed so he can get off to school. It doesn’t look real bright out there. The humidity is 100%. I had a really busy weekend. I’m tired. I can’t find my shoes. I’m going to just stay home and drink another cup of coffee.  My husband, “But why don’t you at least go down for a minute?”  So…. I decided I would at least go down for a sec’.  As soon as I walked out of the end of my driveway, I started running toward the beach. It was apparent that I was missing something special. I stood on the top of the stairway and the scene literally took my breath away. Here’s what I almost missed:

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February 9, 2015 – One of the most exquisite sunrises I have ever witnessed. If someone had painted it, you would say, “That’s not very realistic. It’s too over the top.”