throwback thursday

Since we began our week taking a peek inside our cars, I thought Throwback Thursday should feature a car!

I love this picture of my paternal grandfather, grandmother and aunts and uncles. BUT what really stands out in my memory of the story of this photo is the car.

My dad is not in the picture with his parents and seven siblings, because he was in Egypt serving in WWII.  This photo was sent to him. Just as wealthy families posed with silver and jewelry, this family posed with a prized possession-the car.

My grandfather signed his name with an X-never learned to read or write.  In an effort to ensure the future of his children, he bought a car to make sure they got to school. The family went to church in a wagon pulled by horses, because he didn’t want to wear out the car and use up all the gas. The car was reserved for school.

I just took the car I bought in October to the dealer for its 10,000 mile service appointment. Did I get in my car each time with gratitude and a sense of awe that I could go anywhere, anytime I wanted? You know I didn’t!

I love the story of the car and how its purpose was to provide a future for his children. I couldn’t help but notice in a few other photos of the time that a car was the backdrop. The inset is a photo of my mother holding her firstborn son. “She looks so beautiful, so let’s get her in front of something really grand-like this car.”

Do you remember your family’s first car? Are there photos in your family photo albums of folks standing by, near or in front of their car?