Throwback ThursdayChristmas day early 50’s-Malden MO-isissies and sibs in homemade clothing

There are a few things that strike me about this photo:

It was warm enough that the twins were not wearing coats or sweaters-not sure why I have one on!

I never really liked dolls and this was probably the last one I ever received.

For poor folks, we look pretty good.

Our mother had probably made every piece of clothing on our bodies.  Maybe not the jeans, but note the cuff almost to their knees.  I’m sure they were purchased several sizes too big, so the boys could “grow into them.”

Each one of us has a haircut. Not a “bowl over the head and cut” type haircut, but kind of cute haircuts-again, all done at the hands of our mother.

My brothers share school photos that show where the master seamstress got a little carried away with collar width.  These collars spread out just shy of the shoulders, but in some school photos they tip the shoulders and beyond.

In hindsight, I wish I had been more grateful-more aware of my mother’s talents and efforts in her effort to sew our clothing.  I can remember hearing the sewing machine running after I went to bed. I would like to think it brought my mother happiness to be able to develop her sewing skills-and that she was working late because it was her passion.

I know she was better at it than I understood at the time and when she, at 87, says she would sure love to make a jacket for spring, I know that her arthritic hands and lack of vision would never allow that. But when I say, “That would be nice, Mom. What fabric would you use?” she looks dreamy and describes a floral fabric she has seen-and no doubt touched-and how it would flow and drape into a lovely loose spring jacket.