Throwback thursday:  romeo
Romeo, our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, was 2 when we realized he wanted up on our laps to help with the details of banking.  He is now 6, not so keen on the details anymore, so I am glad I captured him at work back then.  Some dogs are good at herding, chasing bulls, digging out rats, etc. but we are delighted that our little lap dog has a good mind for figures as well.  He won’t speak to us when others are around, and he has asked that we not ask him to add or multiply in front of guests.  Oh, if Dr. Doolittle could be our guest-I’m sure Romeo would open up and have a chat.  Maybe even do a little multiplication table for the good doc who speaks with the animals.

Of course, all of this is tongue in cheek, but we do have a crazy train running down the track-consumers spent $330 million on Halloween pet costumes last year.  I could expound on how messed up that is, but my sissies and I agreed we would not explore subjects that are divisive and prone to explosive responses.  So, getting between a pet owner and their pet is right up there with money and politics-tread softly, very, very softly.  I can’t quote my 86-year-old mother verbatim, but I do believe she has declared her willingness to make great sacrifices so her little Pom can have her soft food-that is spoon fed to her by said 86-year-old mother.  I wouldn’t dream of telling my sweet mother that the crazy train is coming on down the line.

When my youngest son dropped me off at my house recently, he came in for a bit.  The soft listening music was gently filling the house with peace and calm, the fireplace was on low creating a quiet and lovely ambiance.  Almost immediately, my son had the nerve to suggest that I had done all that for the dog, so he would be comfortable while I was gone.  Crazy train a comin’…..

International Hearing Dog, Inc. hosts its annual Dog-O-Ween event with pet costume contest.