throwback thursday friendliest girl

Throwback Thursday:  In my closet I have a wall with my jewelry hanging from little hooks.  Nestled on a table is this little wooden plaque-it proclaims me the friendliest girl at Emerson Junior High in 1961.  That same year I was nominated for and won Best Smile.  I keep this little reminder front and center to remind me how important it is to smile and extend a look and attitude of friendship.

I was really not all that “popular” in the traditional sense of the word, nor did I really strive to be. But I had lots and lots of friends who were all eager to smile in return, chat freely and engage at a less superficial level than popularity allowed.  I wasn’t part of a group or clique-the bane of existence for every junior high school girl.  I know life is not a contest, but if it were, I think I would still want to be voted “friendliest girl”