Throwback Thursday:  Perry Farm 2004 007

After 9/11, my brother, who lives out on the OK prairie, felt like most of us-helpless!  The following Saturday, in a simple act of patriotism and grief, he drove his tractor to the nearby overpass and stood with a flag.  Cars honked – people waved – semis blasted their horns – all an acknowledgement that they, too, felt a surge of patriotism, astonishing grief and a desire to let someone, anyone, know that they loved their country.  No one asked if he were a Democrat or Republican, who he voted for, or what his politic leanings were. In that moment, it didn’t matter – we were all Americans.

That weekend his daughter said she would go stand with him.  Cars honked – people waved – semis blasted their horns.

July 4th 2002 we had a family reunion at my brother’s farm. As we planned the menu, who would stay where, etc. the conversation turned to how much we respected our brother for what he had done in the aftermath of 9/11.  It became clear what we should do. We brought flags-lots and lots of flags-loaded up on bunting-adorned trailers pulled by tractors and headed to the overpass.  Some 30 patriots stood on the overpass with flags that day-several of whom had served our country-many of whom were so little they knew only that they were with their family, participating in a celebration. They will come to learn that we stood there that day, and every July 4th since, because sometimes all you need to do to take a stand is go to the nearest overpass and wave a flag.  And when you do, cars honk, people wave and semis blast their horns.

God Bless America.


Where were you on 9/11?  What were you doing at the time?  How did you know the World Trade Center had collapsed?   Did you see the second tower fall as it was happening?