Lisa Sorrell bootmaker

Lisa Sorrell Artisan Custom BootMaker Guthrie, Oklahoma

BOOTS! Take a quick look on the internet and you know – boots are super popular – some categories are men, women, cowboy and combat!  After looking, I personally feel I need a pair of high brown boots with white pants.  Very sharp!

Our shout-out today is to an individual.  Lisa Sorrell is a Master Artisan who makes custom boots.  Let me explain custom.  She measures your foot.  She may even fly to where you live to do this. She designs the boot to your expectations.  She cuts the leather and sews the design by hand.  This is nothing short of amazing.  I have visited her shop in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and it is a delight!  She is a delight!

This reminds me of something that I realize quite often.  Pick any topic and there is someone who has studied it, refined it or embraces it with a passion.  Lisa has done that with custom cowboy boots. Understand this is hard work and would not be for the faint of heart.

Here is a quote from Lisa from her website where she sells “notions and findings”, a site which she launched in 2013.  Don’t miss the fact that her knives are custom made in Japan to her specifications.

“As a cowboy boot maker, there are occasionally products I need that aren’t easy to find. I started Sorrell Notions and Findings in 2013 with the goal of only selling tools and supplies that I personally use. For each product there’s a story. I carry the water-based glues because I developed a sensitivity to rubber cement; I import the Baker Leather because it’s the best quality insole and outsole leather available in the world and I couldn’t get it any other way; I have the skiving knives made to my specifications in Japan because everyone who used my knife wanted to have their own. It makes me very happy to share products that I enjoy using with other craftsmen.”

LISA SORRELL, iSissies salute you!
You are an artisan and an inspiration to find something you love and pursue it.

Lisa Sorrell dressed up


Do you own boots?  Cowboy boots?  Fashion boots?