I would guess 90% of what I am feeling/processing emotionally is verbalized, so I was puzzled when I read that during the Victorian age folks found it hard to say what they were feeling!  Thus, the trend of using flowers (and their color) to communicate feelings that could find no words.

The message behind a coral rose could use  some explaining:  coral as a color is right at the center of the line going from cool to warm, and is a combination of a wild yellow rose and a hybrid red rose.   The mixed message of the coral rose is this:  red roses mean love and yellow roses mean friendship.  Sooo, do you want to be more than friends-send coral roses-it could take that friendship to hot, burning love in no time.

We are not so reliant on the coded language of flowers as the Victorians-but you might want to slip in a note of your intentions lest you be so misunderstood-maybe you just like the color and wanted to say “thank you” or “get well.”  You wouldn’t want someone to get the wrong idea….

What is your favorite flower — in what color?