a board with 64 squares
(eight rows and eight columns)
arranged in two alternating colors
(light and dark)

Tuesday:  checker board
That is what most of us visualize when we hear the word “checkerboard” – a little cardboard square folded in a box with plastic chess pieces and plastic checkers.

One of my personal goals in “savoring the ordinary” is to be more mindful, more aware of the small moments, the little snippets of my life that might go unnoticed, unappreciated if I weren’t cherishing every moment.  Thus, the following photos of checkerboard. It made me smile to see how many ways we incorporate pleasing shapes and patterns into our everyday life. [Do we remember the hours of play with our siblings/friends and transfer that pattern into our lives to “savor” that memory? Just a thought.]

Enjoy my checker board gallery-and keep an eye out in the next few days for checker board patterns that might pop up in your life…

 checker boardchecker board checker boardchecker baord checker boardchecker boardchecker board









iSissies, do you have a checkerboard at your house or do you play chess?  (on a board or online?)