Mora Nicole Navin 003


I have shared before the feelings I had when my parents returned home with not one baby but two-excited wouldn’t be exactly the word I would use to explain how I felt.  Yet, if someone had told me that I would one day be excited just to talk to them, text with them, email, etc-much less spend time with them-I would have maybe shown a little excitement.

The look of excitement is not a subtle expression,  so I won’t post images from the internet-somehow while the facial expression is accurate, with no context it is hard to “feel” what their facial and body expressions are conveying.  I remembered an image I had tucked away in my heart some 10 years ago.  It is #1granddaughter’s abslolute look of excitement when, after a month in the NICU-her little sister (#2 granddaugther) came home.  Look at that face-excited squared-maybe bliss.  She was then and has remained an exemplary big sister-a sissy in every way-loving, coaching, laughing, caring, cuddling, reading, cheering, connecting.  I am proud of her for the girl she is in school, work and home-but will always hold her in high esteem for the way she has shaped the relationship with her sissy.

PS note the adults in the photo are exhausted/weary/emotional/hopeful/thankful-but those are feelings for another Tuesday. : )

Do you remember when a sibling came home in your family?  Do you have a photo of the moment-please share with us-it is just this easy: