Lucky Romeo

Lucky:  Choosing a dog is kind of like rolling the dice.  You do some homework on breeds and/or breeders, you check out the local Humane society and rescue groups, but in the end luck plays a big part in how well the pup will be in its new home.  We are very, very lucky and found this sweet Cavalier about 6 years ago.  He is a smart, sweet and comforting.

His nature is true to his breed, I worked hard at training him, we are good dog parents and keep up his vet visits, but luck played a part in our match.  He was the biggest of the litter (Cavs are popular because they seldom get to 20#) not the most exuberant of the wiggly balls of fur, but when I picked him up, he nestled into my neck and sighed.  I consider it most fortunate, lucky if you will, that we had that moment to connect-that he somehow knew that exuberance is adorable, but sighing on my neck would melt my heart.  Lucky, indeed.