I suspect in a word association game, the word “diamond” would elicit this response:  RING!  My sissies and I have always liked to brainstorm with abandon-“typical”  and normal” are not usually used to describe us-well, maybe isissy 3-she gives issisy2 and me much-needed balance-she is often the one that says “Stop.  We just need to stop.”  Striving to think outside the box, I thought I would use a diamond shape that I only recently learned existed-the diamond crossword puzzle.  It was the first published crossword in a newspaper in America-but it was introduced as a word cross-a later typo turned it into crossword-and it stuck.  It didn’t take long for this new game to catch on, and newspapers all across the country started using them in their daily newspaper.  Of course, the shape has changed, there are now words for across and down and some have gotten much more difficult.  Try your hand at this one and see how you do-I love crossword puzzles, so I get the whole “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  For those who think crossword puzzles are akin to getting a root canal-and for those of you who want to see the answer for 10-18-I’ll post the answers in the next TBT post.

 world’s first crossword puzzle

diamond crossword puzzle

By Arthur Wynne, December 21, 1913

from The New York World

2-3. What bargain hunters enjoy. 6-22. What we all should be.
4-5. A written acknowledgment. 4-26. A day dream.
6-7. Such and nothing more. 2-11. A talon.
10-11. A bird. 19-28. A pigeon.
14-15. Opposed to less. F-7. Part of your head.
18-19. What this puzzle is. 23-30. A river in Russia.
22-23. An animal of prey. 1-32. To govern.
26-27. The close of a day. 33-34. An aromatic plant.
28-29. To elude. N-8. A fist.
30-31. The plural of is. 24-31. To agree with.
8-9. To cultivate. 3-12. Part of a ship.
12-13. A bar of wood or iron. 20-29. One.
16-17. What artists learn to do. 5-27. Exchanging.
20-21. Fastened. 9-25. To sink in mud.
24-25. Found on the seashore. 13-21. A boy.
10-18. The fibre of the gomuti palm.