oblong tableclothThanksgiving prep is on everyone’s mind this week. For our family that usually means the “good” dishes, lots of variety in the shape and size of serving dishes-for example, Gramma Ester’s relish dish comes out and the goblets on the top shelf of the pantry are dusted and washed.  One of the rituals for Thanksgiving dinner is a beautifully set table-yes, it is about the food, but presentation is everything!

For me, that means ironing an oblong tablecloth that fits my table with both extensions.  Our mother gave it to me when she moved from her home of 42 years to a small little cabin out on the Oklahoma prairie. She guessed she wouldn’t need a tablecloth that fits a table for 12.  I love occasions that require/allow the use of tablecloths.  I use place mats everyday, but adding a cloth to the table is a subtle way to announce-something special is about to happen here.



Mom doesn’t remember where or how she acquired the long white cloth with golden embroidery on it-somebody from church gave it to her maybe.  I use white Battenberg place mats and napkins, gold chargers and pretty goblets with a little rim of gold.  I almost want to go right now and start setting the table…


So, tell us about your favorite tablecloth-or tablecloths if you are like me and just like an excuse to fancy up the table.  Guessing what size/shape I need has proven foolhardy. I have the measurements for my dining room table and the less formal oak table in the kitchen for no leaf, one leaf or two.  That way I don’t let anything slip by me when I am at Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx or Home Goods skulking about for bargains.  : )