Tuesday:  Shapes-Straight lineThe notion of line or straight line was introduced by ancient mathematicians to represent straight objects with negligible width and depth.

A line has no ends!
Okay, that is a great start to a blog on the shape of a straight line.  After that, I got dizzy.  When we came up with the shapes, colors, letters and numbers for our PAD, we just brainstormed and came up with some logical starting points-thinking a photo and then a blog about said shape, color, letter or number would just “flow.”  So far, that has been the case-the creative juices start flowing and before you know it-you have a blog about a photo!

Today’s “inspiration” can only be described as a “blog fail.”  When I realized how a discussion, comment, photo of a straight line would lead to geometry, I needed oxygen.  Just the word took me back to junior high/high school where the mere mention of Algebra and Geometry was enough to cause angst-not teenage girl angst, like in flightly-I’m talking angst like headache.  Please make Mrs. Johnson, the Algebra teacher, stop talking angst.

As a professional, I dealt with accounts totaling millions.  How did I do that, you ask, when mathy stuff makes me dizzy?   There was never a mention of Algebra and/or Geometry – just plain good old-fashioned mathematics.  I could look at a few numbers and quickly determine the percentage of each category to the total business.  I don’t get it either.  Maybe it was the smell of Mrs. Johnson’s soap, maybe it was 60’s and I believed the hype that “math is HARD.”

Are you mathy?  Would you like to guest blog and wax poetic about straight lines-without digressing into your deep-seated psychological fear of Algebra and/or Geometry?  Come on down……