I realized when I went searching for “something pink” that I owned very few items in the color pink.  I raised 3 sons and the idea of pink decor was beyond the scope of their understanding.  I did our Christmas tree with pink lights and ornaments one year, and my sons were sure I had somehow descecrated Christmas.  It seems the color pink was so gender specific that boys could have no part in appreciating it for its beautiful blend of red and white.

Surprisingly, it was not until after World War II that pink was the color designated for little baby girls.  For years, it was blue for girls and pink for boys-isn’t it funny how culture can determine how we feel about something as benign as a color.

Since my closet offered nothing in the way of “something pink” I decided to take a picture of my little pink box used to store personal mementos-cards, letters and such.  I bought it on a whim when I had a spare bedroom room decorated in shades of green-on the color wheel, pink is opposite or the complementary color for light green.

The pretty pink box survived the transition of the spare bedroom to Restoration Hardware grey and taupe and now resides in my little office-which has become an eclectic expression of my love of color, whimsy and a funky collection of things I find useful or beautiful.  The  pink box holds reminders of events, parties and holdiays where I either was a guest, and saved the invitation,  or played hostess and recieved a thank-you note.  There are birthday cards, notes just to stay in touch and many “hard copies” reflecting a  time since passed of letter writing.

What do you have in your home or closet that is the now gender specific pink?  Does it really reflect your feminine side?  Does the hubs own a pink tie-if he is under the age of 35 I’m guessing he does : )  Share with us what your search for “something pink” turned up.