It is fair to say everyone is just a little bit fascinated by twins.  Who of us hasn’t stopped a mom with a double buggy and engaged in a conversation about their names, identical or fraternal, how much did they weigh, etc?  We all seem to just love twins.

When isissy2 and isissy3 joined our family in 1953, they were a bit of a rarity in our community. In the last 30 years, however, the birth rate for twins has soared more than 70%.  For the next few days we are going to explore the trivia of “the twins.”

Here are a couple:

1.  Why the increase in multiple births?

A lot of women are waiting to have children-there is an increased chance for twins if a mother is in her 30’s instead of 20’s.

There has been an increased use of fertility drugs in that same time period.

A big risk factor in multiple births is early delivery, and more than half result in twins born at a low birth weight.

2.  Twins start bonding in the womb.

As early as 14 weeks, twins seem to be aware of each other, and often reach for each other.

By 18 weeks, they are stroking each other and are in physical contact about 30% of the time.

Do you have twins in your family?