In a very sweet way, on tables, bookcases and a mantle, there were framed photos of the bride and groom as children, as well as an engagement picture.  Pictures of each of them in their cap and gown at their law school graduations – in different states at different universities – reminded me of the time when they didn’t even know each other yet.

Pictures of their parents and grandparents on their wedding days were grouped together. All of these photos added a sense of family and honor for the richness of bringing two families together to share this very special day.


Library Sitting Room with pictures of the bride and groom and family wedding photos

Library Sitting Room with Bride & Groom’s pictures and family wedding photos


Groom's Maternal Grandparents

Bride and Groom’s Maternal Grandparents

Bride's Paternal Grandparents

Bride’s Paternal Grandparents

Bride's Parents

Bride’s Parents

Groom's Parents & Paternal Grandparents

Groom’s Parents & Paternal Grandparents

Groom's Graduation

Groom’s Graduation

Bride's Graduation

Bride’s Graduation

Beautiful way for remembering…