In honor of iSissy1’s love of every flower she ever met or hopes to meet, I have to start sharing about THE WEDDING with the flowers. iSissy1 was unable to travel to St. Augustine for THE WEDDING; because her granddaughter was graduating from high school in Colorado on the same weekend. (As hard as we try, iSissies cannot be two places at once. See iSissies FB post on June 6.) So when I called iSissy1 and described the flowers, iSissy1 said, “Oh yes, it’s an English rose. It reminds me of water colors.” I agreed, “Yes, yes…that’s it…it’s like water colors.” And it was…don’t you agree?

Taylor Christy Wedding Cake

Table arrangements were pink English roses,
white hydrangeas and Dusty Miller
in various vases and containers.
How gorgeous is that?


The Reception The roses smelled magnificent!


Imagine the bride and groom standing here.

Taylor Christy Wedding at River House

More to follow….

iSissies, thank you for sharing this moment with me.  It was beautiful.