When you hear the number nine, my guess is that somewhere in your thinking there is the saying, “cats have nine lives.”

Like most sayings of this sort, nobody really, really can tell you with exactness where the saying began and what it means.  Which is why I have chosen for today,  a few of the more obscure of explanations.  If you have a better, more realistic tale of where it began, please share below : )

  • Let’s head to Egypt where cats were considered sacred-the cat was believed to hold psychic or supernatural powers.  Knowing that, makes it easier to see why they would “live on” after death.  Here is the story behind the “nine lives.”

The Egyptian sun-god, Atum-Ra, took on the image of a cat when he visited the underworld.  Stay with me…

In the Ancient Egyptian culture, it was believed that Atum-Ra, whom we know to be visualized as a cat, gave birth to 8 other gods.  Sooo, Atum-Ra was nine lives in one-that cat had nine lives!

  • Now, to China-where the number nine is considered a lucky number and was often associated with cats.
  • In some religions and regions of the world the number 9 is associated with/and or called the “trinities of trinities.”
  • Alas, in Turkish and Arabic tall tales cats only have six lives.

I guess the 3 cats I have known and loved are living out their 8 other lives in other worlds, but they did live through some extraordinary circumstances.  My favorite, the beloved Waldo, was a 25 pound black cat that survived unbelievable accidents and circumstances.  He disappeared one day some 20 years ago into the Arkansas woods, and I would not bat an eye if he showed up one day looking a little worse for wear and needing a love.

Are you a “cat person”?