H is for Hosta post

Hosta-lotsa, lotsa hosta!

Made in the shade-that is the perfect name for the hard working, shade loving, perfect for beginner plant-Hosta.  These desirable traits are recognized and contribute greatly to the hosta being the number one perennial in North America.  AND there are 2,000 different varieties-no repetitious boredom here.

We have a locust in our back yard and it provides the optimum light conditions for our hostas-dappled shade.  I love the image and sound of that-dappled shade.

In deeper shade, the blue varieties thrive and add dimension and texture with their smaller leaves and outstanding color.  One of my favorite hosta is a color that could only be described as lime green-it grows as round as table top and is a perfect back drop for other shade plants like, ferns, astilbe and lady’s mantle-which also has a hint of that yellowish green.  The variegated hosta, like the ones in the photo,  keep their intense shading when given a little bit of sun.  Like most perennials, hosta will settle in and come back year after year when you find  just the right spot for them.  Just like in real estate, it is all about location, location, location.

*What they look like:  astilbe    lady’s mantle