If you have looked at a decorating magazine in the last 5 years, you probably have seen  the idea of Feng Shui-a Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement.  Its popularity is associated with the artistic design with an Asian flavor and at its depth promotes  a methodology for the creation of harmony, prosperity, health and a general increased awareness of your space.   There are classes and complex instruction to master the full essence of Feng Shui living, and while I appreciate the “feel” of a space with a Feng Shui influence, (there is a focus on clutter free)  I wouldn’t know a babua (an energy map) from a bagel.

With that full disclosure out-of-the-way, I would like to share a part of Feng Shui that I really like and find interesting-bringing nature into our homes is a key component of the teachings of Feng Shui.  So, the goal in a fully integrated, balanced space would be to include fire, earth, metal, water and wood in a balanced way throughout your home.


Metal might be one of the most challenging at first glance, but really all the elements are to be represented with subtlety-a soft touch, if you will.  So, frames on photos or artwork, vases-in groupings, metal wall art, metal colored pillows, throws, etc.  I’m wondering if this influenced the metal tones in fabric we have seen for the last few years.  Candice Olsen fabrics shows a ton of silvery metal colors, coppers and metallic finishes.  Clocks are a great metal accent, maybe wind chimes-as long as the neighbors don’t mind : ).

In Feng Shui terms, metal is a symbol of organization and holds its form well. Although gold is the premium metal, there are many different types of metal we can use. Pewter is considered by many to be second only to gold. Some metals which can be used for Feng Shui are:
Stainless steel
Sterling silver
Silver plate
White metal

I’ve included below a few metal things I have in my home.  As I took the photos, I realized how much I love these particular pieces-isissy3 and I were shopping for accessories for her new home, and we decided that the things we cherish most “found us.”  The purchases weren’t necessarily the result of a shopping trip where determination and grit produced said item.  No. What usually works best for me is this template: you get the vision of what you want in a certain space-you kind of visualize it in your head, then one day, there it is – it found you.  I think each of my metal pieces “found me.”

DSC03021 DSC03020 DSC03019 DSC03018 DSC03017