Paper -the bane of existence for anyone trying to keep a desk cleaned off, a family room less cluttered, a sense of organization for school work, legal and financial matters.  In 1975 it was predicted that computers would simplify our lives and that businesses and individuals would be “paperless.”  There have been great strides in eliminating/reducing the amount of paper that is used, but going paperless is more a myth than reality in most segments. For one business, however,  the explosion of the internet spelled doom:  newspapers.  Here’s why:


She who knows first, wins. We have developed a voracious appetite for Mc-information made possible through electronic communication. And just like the fast food associated with such a phrase, we settle for expediency over quality filling our minds with the equivalent of a Big Mac and a large fry – nothing of real value to enrich and ennoble our lives, but it was sure fast – and I knew it before you did. Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology that allows us to stay in touch with the ease of few clicks. It has made it possible for my sissies and me to stay connected in ways not possible with letters-you know those things we wrote out on paper and put in an envelope to be trucked across the country-now it is called snail mail. And Google-what in the world did we do before we could access the infinity of information to be had with just a question or sometimes just a word? And that Siri is a pretty good admin assistant.

I have tried to convert my life to less paper, more electronic filing; but, alas, I have found I am reluctant in a few areas. I enjoy holding a book. I like the feel, the smell of it, the heft of it. I have a hard copy day planner. I think my iPhone 6+ would love to take over that job and I understand it is quite capable of such a thing. Here, let me show you the paper in my life that I just can’t seem to convert to electronic…

Paperless?  I think not?   Paperback books, day planner, newspaper, to do list, notes for callmesister.com, journal and a catalogue

Paperless? I think not?
Paperback books, day planner, newspaper, to do list, notes for callmesister.com, journal and a catalogue

Yes, I still love to read a newspaper.  I stopped our delivery except for Sundays some time ago, but will grab a loose copy in a waiting room like a vulture.  There is something gratifying about writing down the things I want to do in any given day, week or month.  For me, journaling and making notes for the iSissy blog almost demand to be written out longhand.


How about you?  Have you mastered the art of keeping paper under control by using electronic filing, communicating and preserving. Trying to locate a missing document of some importance is so exasperating and I know the satisfaction of typing in a search box what I need to find and like magic, I am directed to it.  There it is – pristine, with no ripped edges, the dog hasn’t chewed a corner off, and it hasn’t been on the floor board of my car with footprints on it.  Paperless is sounding like a pretty good deal, huh?  But, then there is this:


How is your paperless journey going?