27, 800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute.

208,300 are uploaded to Facebook every minute.

Every 2 minutes we snap as many photos as were taken anywhere by anyone in the 1800’s.

So what do we do with all those photos?????  Posters became my “archive” for trips and family gatherings.  The state of my digital and hard copy photos are for a discussion another day : ) This wall was just begging for something big-these three posters fit perfectly.  I have a few little boxes on a nearby table with ticket stubs for museums, metro passes and little mementos picked up along the way.

Wednesday:  posters


I used Walgreen’s online for these, but I am sure there are other places offering this service.  There are lots of options for fonts, captions, headers, etc.  I bought the poster frames at Michael’s and a wonderful clerk behind the framing counter put them together for me for free.  She knew me from other framing jobs, and I was pleased that she elevated me to “frequent shopper” status and gave me a freebie.  It was fun finding the iconic shots for each location to use in the poster, and created a discipline for what photos to keep and which ones to trash.  Isissy3 taught me that “life is too short to keep a bad picture.”

It makes me smile every time I go past them-reminding me of the wonderful trips we have enjoyed.

Have you had experience creating poster art?  Share where and how you did it.