Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.


Maybe every piece of wood waits for the wood carver, too.  I’m inclined to think wood carvers feel this way about the piece of wood that becomes a horse, a child , a duck.

The art of wood carving fascinates me. My grandfather Ben Garrison would sit and “whittle,” but I don’t recall a little figure or item that he might have carved. Maybe it was just the peaceful past time of sitting with a piece of wood and reshaping it that he enjoyed.

Others though, saw a piece of wood and through their creativity and patience made it into some incredible images. My fascination is this: Was the image in their head first and they found a medium to express it OR was the image in the wood and when the artist handled it, they knew they had to create it and release it?

Artists from around the world have preserved their artistic visions in wood. Here is a little gallery of some beautiful images created by artist who had a vision.

P.S. I included the two different horses to show the versatility of wood-the first one is oak and the one on the beach is driftwood.

Do you have any favorite wood carvings?