Call me Sister because

sisters are more than geography or genealogy









A study found that an adolescent who has a sister is less likely to feel or say “nobody loves me.”
Other studies conclude young people with sisters were more optimistic.
Research discovered a subtle dynamic that sisters talk to each other.
Surprisingly “sister talk” didn’t have to be deep, philosophical or about emotions or feelings.
Just talk.  Communication creates cohesion and trust.
“Good talk”  is a core to good mental health and sisterhood provides that environment.
Seeing the headline “having a sister makes you happier,”
we decided we needed MORE sisters.
“Call Me Sister” was born!


of the World's population are Women


Chance you can call me sister.

We don't just blog... we connect.


It doesn’t matter if we are separated by time. You can be older or younger. It doesn’t matter if we don’t live next door. You can call me sister.

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