This past winter, together we raised over $100,000 to educate 4,400 students in the next school year. You are incredible–thank you!!

Only 978 of these students are still in need of support to begin class later this summer.  Are you able to help some of them?

To help fund these remaining students, a caring couple recently offered us a matching gift opportunity. Faithful one-time and monthly donors have already made generous gifts to get us closer to the goal.  We have worked hard to be effective with your funds; it is now possible to fund an entire class of 30 students for less than $700 for the year!

I’m writing to ask if you will consider what you can do to help.  Help us give opportunity to some of these remaining students and classes. 

Executive Director
Sister India


P.S. From Call Me Sister
Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.  $25 will support a student.  Thank you again for helping our sisters in India!
Bonnie ~ Kathy ~ Karen