Do you or someone you love suffer from nomophobia?  You won’t find that particular “phobia” in a medical review, but apparently it is the real deal:  fear of being out of mobile phone contact.  Overuse of the mobile phone can lead to self-esteem issues, an overly needy relationship with Siri and high anxiety when we can’t find our brain, I mean phone. This is reflected in the increasing numbers of college students who shower with their phone, and the average adolescent would rather lose their pinky finger than their phone.  There’s more:

  • 65% sleep with their smart phone
  • 20% would rather go without shoes for a week than give up their phone.
  • 66% of adults (it is estimated) suffer from nomophobia
  • 110 – that’s the number of times the average person checks their phone a day.  The real phone addict?  900.
The little lady in front appears to be the only one free of the rising condition of "nomophbia."

The little lady in front appears to be the only one who has escaped the clutches of  “nomophobia.”


Wouldn’t Mr. Alexander Graham Bell be surprised to see how his electric speech machine has evolved?  No longer just a way to speak to another person from a distance away from them, the phone is now used to bank, shop, research medical problems, get directions, play games, take photos, share photos, access the internet, listen to music and download apps.  BTW the word “app” was the word of the year in 2014. It is defined as a noun short for application and is simply a software program you use online or on a mobile device. Studies have shown that consumers spend 85% of their time on their smartphone using apps. Shout out to FB!

Today is National Telephone Day, so let’s honor Alexander by putting aside everything else our phone can do, and call someone.  In fact, Call me, Sister.