This bright red bridge made me think of a conversation I had with my husband one time about black shoes. When I was showing him a pair of black shoes that I was thinking about buying, he very innocently said, “Don’t you have a pair of black shoes?”  To which I had to “very innocently” remind him that THESE black shoes were nothing like the black shoes I already had.  You get that, right?

So this bright bridge in the snow is NOTHING LIKE the red bridge we shared last week.  Look at them. You will understand.  It’s kind of like a sunset.  Another red bridge in the snow in the woods in winter, but so different.  Don’t you love the way the ball tops on the balusters are over-sized and wearing a snow cap.  Perfect!  The color fire engine red.  So bright.  Very bright.  Pure white snow.  So beautiful!

Red bridge in snowy woods

With God in nature, there are infinite possibilities. True about life, too.  Hope you enjoy our series of red bridges!