We end this week about Family with the beginning.




Our family began with Shirley Garrison and James W. Smith.  Shirley Garrison Smith has been the matriarch of our family and continues to be the stalwart of everything that is good in each of us.

Her life is a living testimony of kindness, hard work, resilience, and faith. We have been blessed because we were raised by a mother who laughed. We can’t recall her ever complaining. How is it that we never heard her complain that she didn’t have an indoor plumbing when she was married with 3 children?

She loved our Father completely and was devoted to him. She sacrificed for her children, but we never heard about it. She worked hard, but never was bitter.

She still loves to talk about current events. Just last week she wanted to know exactly where Nepal was.

Our hope is that you have been blessed with a mother that has served as a good foundation for your life.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.