“Whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:4

The twins were born two months premature.  Every day was important and every day I prayed for them.  Every day, I asked God to help them grow stronger.  Every day, I prayed their lungs would develop.  I prayed for their digestion.  I prayed for their eyes, their brain, their heart.  There was so much to pray about.

During this time, a dear friend told me that their little girl had prayed for the babies.  Then she told me what she had said.  This precious child prayed only these words, “Two babies – one boy – one girl.”  God knew what she was asking – God truly knew what she was saying.

Those words began a new journey for me so that whenever I prayed, I knew I only had to tell God what was really on my heart – two babies – one boy – one girl.  And my heart was touched again and again as my words were few and my heart was full of love and concern.

As you may be praying for a serious situation in your life, rather than telling God every detail as if something may have escaped His attention, focus instead on bringing your cares to God to allow His presence to abide with you to comfort and bless you.